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App Defaults 2023 — What I use

The other day, I stumbled upon a post by robb about app defaults. Following the spree, here's my list of all the apps I use for the following categories. [...]

Elegant Console Logs With Consola

Creating beautiful and elegant console logs in consola, a console wrapper. Console logs are not always well structured and eye-pleasing. Unpleasant and messy console takes away [...]

Sharing Localhost From VS Code - Port Forwarding

Showing off what you built locally has never been easy. Now, the feature of port forwarding is directly built into VS Code. Does this mean all other services which provide port forwarding or remote tunneling will be obsolete? [...]

Docker — Containerizing a Nextjs Application

Containerization in it's entirety is an incredibly useful concept. From being able to execute applications in isolation, to being able to port them easily with all of their dependencies and configuration is all a developer could ask for. [...]

WebSockets 101

WebSockets implement a full-duplex, bi-directional, TCP-based protocol, denoted by ws(s)://, which enables a persistent connection between the client and the server. Back when websockets weren't a thing [...]'s Partytown with 11ty

Exploring's partytown and integrating it with 11ty! It is nothing but a library which uses web workers to separately execute third party scripts. [...]

Why I love Markdown

I was introduced to it when I started using github for hosting my projects. That was my first encounter with markdown and since then, I never looked back. Here's why. [...]

What is DOM diffing?

DOM, also known as the Document Object Model, is a programmatic representation of the contents of a web page. In other words, the content of a web page is represented in the form of objects and nodes. [...]

Using Fontsource With 11ty

For quite some time, I was searching for a way to self host google fonts because the google fonts API's network request increased the render blocking time more than I expected. [...]

Creating Git Hooks Using Husky

They are used to verify everything is as expected before or after executing a git command or action. Some common applications include formatting the code before committing, performing build step before pushing the code to production, etc. [...]